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Dog Riddle: What dog breed does a mad scientist prefer? A Laboratory Retriever


Funny Animals Riddles & Hilarious Pet FAQs. Dog, Cat, Bird Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Animal Riddles 8
Funny Pet Jokes to Yap About, Hilarious Animal Riddles, Cat FAQs, Dog Answers, Cheep Laughs!
Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314

Little Kitten Asks: Why don't cats purr purr-manently? It defeats the purr-paws Purr-Plexing Cat Riddle
Cute Pug Dog in Bee Costume Asks: What is a baby bee? A little hum bug! Just a Little Pug Humor
Dog Joke: H2O is in a fire hydrant. what's outside? K9P Yellow Hot Dog Riddle

Purr-fectly puzzling pet cat enigmas include unpredictable outcomes, plus Kitty can't plan her next move with continual noise.

    Pugs are little and they snore, but they don't hum. Pugs never bug or bee-little you, but might even bee a little honey and funny.     Whet your appetitite for dog riddles and quench your thirst for funny dog jokes. But, watch out where the huskies go...  

Dog Riddle: What do you call a cool dog sitting on a rabbit? Chili Dog on a Bun! Riddles Your Dog Will Eat Up!
Big Face Cat Asks: What does a cat do when he gets really mad? He has a hissy fit! Hiss-terical Kitty Humor
Parrot Joke: Where do birds meet for coffee? At the Nest-Cafe! Jittery Bird Jokes

Hog dog humor is hare raising. So relish this canine comdedian who's on a roll...


This funny cat roars with laughter and he ain't lion! But, never toy around with your cat's affection be-claws me-ow!

    Stimulating bird humor produces caffeinated jokes and a latte grounds for mocha more laughter.  

Miss Kitty Riddle: What magazine do cats enjoy reading? Good Mousekeeping House Cat Humor
Pug Wearing Bee Costume Asks: How do you propose to a queen bee? With a ru-bee ring! Pugs Bee Royally Funny
Fancy Cat Asks: What do you call a cat that smells good? Purr-fume! Stinking Funny Feline Joke

House cats enjoy tips by Meow-tha Stewart. Felines do like their house mice and clean.


At the bee-troval, Mr. Pug got down on his knees so he could dig up the courage to bee-seech his queen.

    Are cats that smell good better at tracking mice or flushing out stinking funny invisible creatures? Litter box might hold the answer...  

Fat Cat Riddle: Q. What does a cat like for breakfast? A. Mice Krispies Yummy Cat Riddle
Dog Breed Joke: What do you get if you cross a dog and a cruciferous veggie? Jack Brussel Terrier! Healthy Dog Bites
Mug Shot Cat Joke: What do you call a cat who was caught by the police? A Purr-Petrator Guilty Cat Mug Shot Joke

Finicky cats agree that this tasty cat joke is mice and funny. Statistics show cats that eat, live longer than those who don't.


Oops! A stinking funny dog breed. Going green with a bonus of dog farts. You don't want to make Hulk angry!

    Another feline-y crime solved! Gonna have to put your cat under house arrest, madam.  

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314
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