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Laughing Cat Asks: Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives?


Funny Animals Riddles & Hilarious Pet FAQs. Dog, Cat, Bird Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Animal Riddles 17
Funny Pet Jokes to Yap About, Hilarious Animal Riddles, Cat FAQs, Dog Answers, Cheep Laughs!

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Dog Joke: What do you get if you ross a sled dog & a cheetah? A snow dog that chases snowmobiles & catches them! Fast Snow Dog Jokes
Parrot Jokes: What do you name a synthetic parrot? Polly Ester Fake Parrot Comedian
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a dog and a calculator? A friend you can count on! Funny Dog Math Adds Up!

You also get a sly animal you don't want to play poker with or buy a used car from.

    Polly more units are linked by Ester groups. Avian genealogy sounds just like a typical extended family of humorous parrots...     Electronic pooch math adds up to lots of love, doggie kisses, and a battery of hilarious dog riddles.  

Painful Cat Pun: What did a cat say when he fell off the table? Me Ow! Painful Kitty Joke
Pug Wearing Bee Costume: What do you get if you cross a bee and a door bell? A Hum Dinger! Pug Jokes Keep Humming
African Grey Parrot Asks: What shape is your bird in if he is missing? Polygon Bye Bye Birdie?

Me-Ouch! Cats prefer funny jokes that turn the punch-line on the dog!


Would a barking hum dinger keep the solicitors away? Pugs are not tall enough to ring doorbells, not even on Halloween. Neither are bees.

    Parrot comedians find plane figures interesting and sometimes briefly wing it to explore the punch lines further.  

Pug Wearing Bee Costume Asks: What did the bee say to the flower? Hi Honey! Sweet Bee Pug
Fang Cat Asks: How do you know if your cat has been using the computer? The mouse has teeth marks on it! Funny Cat Bytes Don't Hurt
Big Dog Wearing Dracula Costume Asks: How does a little dog feel when he sees a big scary monster? Terrier-fied! Dogs In the Dark!

Q. What did the pug say to the bee? A. I'm a bee-hemoth compared to you, buddy.


Cat selfies are another giveaway that Kitty has been posting some scratch.

    This is what happens to a little dog who can't change a light bulb. The Barking Comedian speaks again.  

Tiny Kitteh Asks: Why is this cat so small? Because she only eats condensed milk. Just a Little Kitten Around
Dog Riddle: Why are Dalmatians so bad at hide 'n seek? They're always spotted Dog Jokes You Saw Coming
Mug Shot Cat Joke: What do you call a cat who was caught by the police? A Purr-Petrator Guilty Cat Mug Shot Joke

This funny diminutive kitty joke isn't small on laughs for mew!


Actually, Dalmatians prefer to play Hide 'N Speak, but they'll do anything for cookies.

    Another feline-y crime solved! Gonna have to put your cat under house arrest, madam.  

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314
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