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Pug Wearing Bee Costume: What do you get if you cross a bee and a door bell? A Hum Dinger!


Funny Animals Riddles & Hilarious Pet FAQs. Dog, Cat, Bird Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Animal Riddles 22
Funny Pet Jokes to Yap About, Hilarious Animal Riddles, Cat FAQs, Dog Answers, Cheep Laughs!

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314

Cat Riddle: What do you call a cat race? A Meow-athon Racy Cat Humor
Dog  Joke: Q. Which dog breed loves to take bubble baths? A. A Sham-Poodle! Rinse and Repeat Dog Joke
Creepy Black Cat Asks: What do you get if you cross an alley cat with a chick? A Peeping Tom Insightful Cat Riddle

Running kitties jog some corny old cat jokes loose, but funny feline humor never loses.

    The perfect dog breed for those who like clean dog humor, soapy jokes, and bubbly canine laughter.     Cats are peep-le animals! Tom Kats are meow-valous chick magnets, but some kitties just give them the bird.  

Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a Rottweiler and a computer? A PC with a lot of bites Dog OS Riddle Bites
Cat News Flash! What do you call a press release from your cat? A press kit Pressing Kitty Jokes
Parrot Joke: What did the parrot say on the 4th of July? Polly wants a firecracker! Patriotic Parrot Humor

That is why it's not OS Rottie. Dogs would dig it, though, especially dogs with a Ruff dating profile.


Mews Flash! Cat comedian presents hot ironic feline humor, although his act may still have a few wrinkles.

    Hungry birdie comedians go for noise and an explosion of laughter on Independence Day, or any day of the year! Happy Bird-Day, USA!  

Kitten Asks: What do cats wear at night? Paw-Jamas! Dreamy Kitten Jokes
Dog Riddle: Which dog breed is very obedient? Sit Bull Terrier Stay Tuned for Punch Lines
Laughing Cat Asks: What is a cat's favorite movie? The Sound of Mew-Sic Classic Corny Cat Joke

Kitten comedians enjoy a little catnip before a catnap be-claws they purr-fer sweetly funny dreams.


No Bull! Terriers always get to the root of the joke and dig up the big laughs.

    Cats do enjoy a good mew-sical and their favorite song in The Sound of Mew-sic is Do Re Me Ow.  

Painful Bird Joke: What do you get if your budgie flies into a blender? Shredded Tweet Highly Processed Bird Jokes
Cat Riddle: Q. Which musical instruments do cats like best? A. Purr-cussion section Noteworthy Cat Humor
Pug Wearing Bee Costume: What goes zzub zubb? A bee flying backward! Zzub Means LOL in Pug Speak

At least the blender wasn't running at the time... So, funny budgie logged in to lay another egg over at Twitter.


Cats do have an ear for comedy, or so mew-ve heard. They like the kattle drums best.

    Pugs often use reverse psychology on their humans to get what they want. Bee patient with them because all dogs do that...  

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314
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