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Laughing Cat Riddle: What is a cat's favorite vegetable? As-Purr-Agus!


Funny Animals Riddles & Hilarious Pet FAQs. Dog, Cat, Bird Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Animal Riddles 12
Funny Pet Jokes to Yap About, Hilarious Animal Riddles, Cat FAQs, Dog Answers, Cheep Laughs!
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Cat Joke: What did the cat say to the dog? "Check Meow-T" Humorous Catty Taunts
Dog Riddle: Why do dogs run in circles? Because it's too hard to run in squares Dog Jokes Make the Rounds
Funny Parrot Asks: What kind of bird opens doors? A Kiwi Key to Bird Humor

Cat thinks he's just so funny, but he's actually met his match, be-claws the dog is thinking Check Mate.

    Comedian pooches run a square deal of puns before they end their humor routines.     Birds sing in the key of funny, parrots squawk in the key of eek, and kiwis nose around for the best bird jokes.  

Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a dog & an airplane? A Jet Setter! High Flying Dog Riddle
High Cat Humor: Did you hear about the cat who climbed Mt. Everest? She was a Sher-Paw Peak Kitty Humor
Pug Wearing Bee Costume Says: Who protects the queen bee? Her Hub-Bee! Pugs Bee Protective

P-uplifting dog jokes might fly right by. Hey, at least this isn't a taxi joke.


Cats that get high usually prefer catnip. Goes to show you get sure-footed laughs from high-minded cat jokes.

    At the bee-hest of the queen pug, all dogs must beehive themselves in her presence!  

Cool Cat Humor: Why did a cat put the letter M on the fridge? To turn ice into Mice! Mighty Funny Cat Riddle
Corny Dog Riddle: What's worst than raining cats & dogs? Hailing taxis Street Dog Enigma
Green Parrot Asks: Where do parrots invest their money? In the Stork Market Parrot Joke Market Watch

Having a mice pet cat spells fun. Another cold hard kitty fact revealed!


Weather or not this old dog riddle is corny is not the point. Uber get ready to be driven wild with laughs.

    You can bank on bird humor! Now we know where rich baby parrot riddles come from. Where poor parrot puns come from is another joke...  

Dog Riddle: How many Dachshunds does it take to change a light bulb? Seriously? They can't even reach the lamp! Dark Weiner Dog Joke
Cute Cat Riddle: What do you call a pile of kittens? A Meow-Tain! Heap of Fun Kitten Joke
Dog Breed Humor: What do you call a black Alaskan dog? A Dusky Husky! Funny Dogs at Dusk

Why bother changing the light bulb? I can still pee on the carpet in the dark.

Don't bother asking the Old English Sheepdog either. He can't even see the bulb...


A kit and kaboodle of furry funny cat jokes are just piling up here.

    Dogs don't like being left out in the dark when it comes to funny dog riddles. They already see the answer!  

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314
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