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ArF-ing Hilarious Dog Jokes, Canine Comedy, Delicious Dog Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Funny Dog Jokes 9
Funny Dog Jokes to Drool Over, Canine Humor, Dog One Liners to Eat Up, Good Dog!
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Playful Pup Says: Sometimes I eat dirt, just to see that look on your face. Dirty Dog Jokes?
Laughing Dog Says: Sometimes I eat poop just to see that look on your face. Sh*tty Dog Jokes
Playful Pup Says: Kleenex is Delicious Snotty Dog Jokes

Recycling and going green, doggie style. Plus, that earthworm was really tasty and the composting (whatever that was?) smelled irresistible! It did pica my appetite.


After a crappy meal, how long should you wait until you let your dog kiss you again? Yeah, we're all too embarrassed to ask the vet that question. Ew.

    Cats and puppies also agree that toilet paper, a whole roll of it, is the most fun pet toy to dig their teeth into. Dogs are smart enough to frame their plush kitty toy for the incident.  

Zoned Out Dog Says: I stare at you because you smell like bacon. Meaty Dog Humor
Crazed Dog Asks: What's more amazing than a talking dog? An easygoing cat Amazing Dog Joke
Smiling Dog Says: I will protect you from squirrels. Squirrelly Dog Humor

Love is in the air? Dog comedian enjoys meaty jokes you can really dig your teeth into and bacon & peanut butter flavor Beggin' Strips, too.

    Parrots and Spelling Bees everywhere are feeling slighted by this dog joke. So here are equally hilarious pug bee funny and talking parrot jokes.     Rodent taunting never stops, but Good Dog tries his best to keep those pesky squirrels treed and those rascally rabbits holed. Finding a dead mouse placed in the compost bucket is a true gift from your dog!  

Demented Dog Says: I enjoy hiding your underwear Hidden Canine Humor
Green Dog Says: I didn't take your sandwich. Tony Toker Took It! Smoking Hot Dog Laughs
Drooling Dog Says: I didn't take your sandwich. Sneaky cat did it! Tasty Dog Humor

Comedian dog nose what he likes, and sometimes he'll even stoop to a dirty prank – just for the fun of it.


Hysterically funny dogs do get the munchies, too. But, they prefer cookies and never resort to theft, unless it's to steal your heart!

    Obedient dog is literate graduate who's abhorred by the commercial usage of the term sammich. Cats don't know the dif, but cats don't get to go through the drive-thru.  

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