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Funny dog comedian and techy canine pals like a Howling Good Time, funny high-tech riddles, tail-wagging technology humor and arF-ing funny social media memes.

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Worst Dog Photo Ever: Why do only embarrassing photos get plastered all over social media?


Funny Dog Tech Jokes, Wired Woofs, Canine Gadget Comedy Memes

Mimi's Hot Spot: High-Tech Dog Jokes 23
Dog Jokes That Byte, PC Canine Humor, Wired Social Dog Riddles to Yap About. Good Dog!
Woofing Funny Dog Jokes 12345 6789101112

Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a yellow dog with a smart phone? A Golden Receiver Talk Jokes to Talk About
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a Rottweiler and a computer? A PC with a lot of bites Dog OS Riddle Bites
Handsome Malamute Asks: How is a dog like a smart phone? Both have Collar ID High Tech Dog Riddle

The dog thought this was a joke about take-out food, but the cat ordered online.

    That is why it's not OS Rottie. Dogs would dig it, though, especially dogs with a Ruff dating profile.     Smart dog jokes get identified quickly, without calling more attention to them. Dumb dog riddles are what they are.  

Dog Breed Joke: What kind of dog can use the phone? A Dial-Matian! Dog Jokes to Talk About
Dog Humor: What do you cal a dog who howls at surround sound? A sub-woofer! Howling Funny Dog Riddle
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a dog and a calculator? A friend you can count on! Funny Dog Math Adds Up!

Humans who own a Golden Receiver and a Dial-Matian might need a family cell phone plan with unlimited data.


Dog's parrot pal is a real tweeter and they know a cat drummer. What a road crew!

    Electronic pooch math adds up to lots of love, doggie kisses, and a battery of hilarious dog riddles.  

Crafty Girl Dog Says: Pinterest is interfering with our quality time. Funny Dog Boards
Dog Joke: How does a smart dog stop a DVR? The paws button! Funny Doggie Tech Hacks
Nosey Dog Says: Facebook is interferiing with our quality time. Friendly Dog Humor

Bored dog wants to stick it to you when you're posting too many pins, although he does enjoy the dog treat recipes and funny dog jokes you post at Pinterest.


A sled dog doesn't stop a DVR, he whoas it. His brother, the German shepherd, halts it. And, the show dog neighbor hold its.

    Friendly dog wants more FaceTime with you, but he buried his cell when he had a bone to pick with some bitch on Facebook.  

Dog Joke: Which dog breed is best for sending telegrams? Wire Haired Terrier! Retro Low Tech Dog Joke
Dog Humor - A sled dog's favorite video game system: Sony Sleigh Station! Playful Dog Xmas Humor
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a dog + a phone? A Golden Receiver Dogs Call Riddles Funny

Telegrams may be passe, but this dog breed would be great for wiring money as needed.


Xbox is a dog's fave Christmas game. Merry Woof-Mas from your dog!

Snow dogs do like to play games all winter, too. Hide 'N Seek is a favorite for Huskies, while Hide 'n Speak is generally prefered by Alaskan Malamutes.

    Canine 911 Humor: Dog comedian knows how to dial up the laughter and calls this joke funny.  

More Funny Dog Jokes 12345 6789101112

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