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Howling Funny Dog Jokes, Canine Comedy, Dog One Liner Memes

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Hilarious Dog Jokes to Howl Over, Canine Puns, Dog Riddles to Growl About, Good Dog!
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Dog Humor: My karma ran over my dogma. This is the reason dogs aren't licensed drivers! Driving Dog Humor
Dog Joke: What do you call a dog with no legs? Doesn't matter. he won't come anyway. Comely Dog Jokes
Dog Humor: Eery day should be take your dog to work day Hard Working Dog Humor

Zen dog always stays calm in traffic and smiles when he recalls this joke, even though it all drives him crazy.

    Dogs call this comely joke FUNNY, even if it's lacking the bones of sophisticated canine comedy.     Sled dogs pull hard for this concept to become reality. Toy dogs want to have fun at work. Herding dogs shepherd in the workplace laughs. Working dogs work the punch lines hardest.  

Dog Humor: A dog gave birth at the side of the road, but she was ticketed for littering! Criminally Funny Canine LOL
Dog Humor: What do you call a dog in jeans and a T-shirt? A plain clothes police dog Casual Canine Humor
Dog Humor: No offense taken. My mother IS a bitch. Bitchin' Dog Jokes

Meter maid gave her a parking ticket and then she-dog was cited for indecent exposure. No wonder the pups have such a good sense of humor?


Hmm. It seems that a dog wearing both a T-shirt and jeans is overdressed, unless he's wearing both a coat – and pants during the summer.

    Dogs swear this joke is funny! Feminists think it's ironic that a dog is a dog, yet a female dog is a bitch. Dogs don't get hung up on semantics.  

Dog Bathroom Joke: I never play tug of war with dad's underwear while he's on the toilet. Unmentionable Dog LOLs
Dog Humor: When I ate nothing but garlic, my bark was worse than my bite Stinking Funny Dog Joke
Sci-Fi Dog Humor: Who's a good boy? Human, you're obsessed with Dr. Who! Healthy Sci-Fi Dog Humor

When a dog comedian catches you with your pants down, it's likely time to start closing the door...


Odorous humor is just one component of doggie breath. Trees everywhere think this joke is hilarious, but 4 out 5 dentists don't get the joke – because they've become nose blind.

    Good Dog agrees Tardis is a fitting name for a grumpy cat today, but Who knows about the future?  

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