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Funny Cat Jokes, Smart Feline Comedy, Clever Kitty Riddles, Cat Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Clever Cat Riddles 18
Smart Cat Riddles to Mew Over, Literate Feline Humor, Clever Kitty Jokes to Hiss About. Meow!
A-Mewsing Cat Humor 12345 678910

Fictional Cat Joke: What is a cat's favorite book? The Prince and the Paw-Purr Smart Kitty Riddle
Miss Kitty Riddle: What magazine do cats enjoy reading? Good Mousekeeping House Cat Humor
Cat Humor: Have you read that catty new autobiography? It's a real hiss & tell. Novel Cat Humor

What if your cat secretly reads all night while you sleep? Kind of explains how he comes up with new and improved antics.

    House cats enjoy tips by Meow-tha Stewart. Felines do like their house mice and clean.     Litter-ally hiss-terical cat tales of love, lust, lost, found, mice and other funny yarns...  

Laughing Cat Asks: Why does a cat scratch his head? Just paws for thought Head-Scratching Cat LOLs
Cat Humor: Why don't cats like shopping online? They prefer a purr-int cat-alog! Picky Feline Riddle
Smart Cat Riddle: What is the difference between a cat and a comma? A cat has claws at the ends of its paws, but a comma has a pause at the end of its clause. Litter-ate Cat Comedy

Humorous cat riddles do scratch your itch for cat comedy, kitten around and feline funny.


Savvy cats know that all other cats use the password HISSmyAss83, so they're hiss-itant to shop online.

    Actually, it's even funnier that cats already knew that be-claws they so comma-nly paws for applause, when the punch line ends it all.  

Cat News Flash! What do you call a press release from your cat? A press kit Pressing Kitty Jokes
Laughing Cat Asks: What do you get if you cross a cat and a tree? A Cat-A-Log Shady Feline Humor
Smart Cat Asks: What is a feline's favorite thing to read? A Cat-alog Corny Old Cat Riddle

Mews Flash! Cat comedian presents hot ironic feline humor, although his act may still have a few wrinkles.


unny chopping cat knew you wood like this catty riddle. Since there's no bark, we know dogs didn't get the joke.

    Today's cats prefer an online catalog be-claws they like to order up the funny feline jokes instantly!  

A-Mewsing Cat Humor 12345 678910

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