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Hi-Tech Cat Jokes, Wired Feline Comedy, Mice Riddles, Fun Cat Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Wired Cat Jokes 10
Funny Wired Cat Riddles to Hiss About, Techy Feline Humor, Kitty Jokes That Byte. Meow!
A-Mewsing Cat Humor 12345 678910

Fang Cat Asks: How do you know if your cat has been using the computer? The mouse has teeth marks on it! Funny Cat Bytes Don't Hurt
Feline Definitions. Catscan: A hi-tech device for examining cats Cats Scan for Best Jokes
Cat Truth: Computer and TV screens exist to backlight a cat's lovely tail! Cat Photography Tip #9

Cat selfies are another giveaway that Kitty has been posting some scratch.

    Catscan is also the motto for a motivational self-help system for timid cats who haven't watched themselves on YouTube yet.     Cats are really hard to take pics of be-claws the camera might steal their soul and turn it into funny, humiliating memes.  

Cat Humor: yoU sEeN TYPoS? Blame My Cat No Mistaking Cat Humor
Cat Riddle: What is a cat's favorite button on a remote? The Paws Button Remotely Funny Cat Joke
Cat Riddle: Why are cats so good at video games? Because they have nine lives Catty Fun and Games

It's ironic that cats are more social online than they are in purr-son. The bigger mystery is: How can a cat be in nine social sites and in email simultaneously? Multi-catsing!


Dyslexic cats like the REW button be-claws they think it says MEW. They also like the remote 'claws there's a record of play and replay.

    Cats enjoy fun and rec, but they generally purr-fer computer video games that involve mice and kills.  

Old Cat Joke: What is a cat's favorite TV show? The Evening Mews Timely Cat Humor
Feline Joke: A cat walked up to a paper shredder and said, "Teach me everything you know." Shred of Cat Humor
Laughing Cat Asks: What is a cat's favorite movie? The Sound of Mew-Sic Classic Corny Cat Joke

Cats also enjoy other a-mewsing classic TV shows including Cat-asy Island, Catman, and Gunsmoke be-claws of Miss Kitty.


Curious kitties have asked the same thing of aliens, so now you know why it's hard to follow what's going on in your funny cat's mind.

    Cats do enjoy a good mew-sical and their favorite song in The Sound of Mew-sic is Do Re Me Ow.  

A-Mewsing Cat Humor 12345 678910

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