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Funny Parrot Riddles, Humorous Birdie Jokes, Cheep Laugh Memes

Mimi's Birdcage: Funny Parrot Riddles 5
Funny Parrot Jokes to Squawk About, Avian Humor, Clever Bird Riddles to Crow About. Good Birdie!
Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8
Silly Parrot Joke: Which side of your parrot has the prettiest feathers? The Outside! Insider Parrot Joke
Macaw Says: What do you get if you cross a parrot and a shark? A bird who talks your ear off! Yar! It's a Parrot Joke!
Parrot Jokes: What do you name a synthetic parrot? Polly Ester Fake Parrot Comedian

Feather or not you laughed out loud, inside funny right bird brain left you B-side yourself on the flipside, right? Squawk!

    Pirates get this parrot joke half the time. That's what we hear... Aye, here yar laughing, Matey!     Polly more units are linked by Ester groups. Avian genealogy sounds just like a typical extended family of humorous parrots...  

What do you get if you cross a parrot and a skunk? A bird that stinks to high heaven! Stinking Funny Parrot Riddle
Green Parrot Asks: Where do parrots invest their money? In the Stork Market Parrot Joke Market Watch
Forgetful Parrot Wants to Know: What do you call memory loss in a parrot? Polynesia Just Being a Bird Joke

Corvidea are one bird genus to crow about, although ravens tell funnier jokes. Mephitis are hoods and tell street jokes that really stink. Funny parrot is staying out of the mix this time.


You can bank on bird humor! Now we know where rich baby parrot riddles come from. Where poor parrot puns come from is another joke...

    My bird, Oceania, can't remember the punch line and is at sea. This condition is also refered to as Austronesia if a bird thinks she's a proto-Germanic goddess, especially in the morning.  

Curious Parrot Asks: What flies through the jungle singing opera? The Parrots of Penzance Noisy Parrot Riddle
Curious Parrot Asks: What do you call a parrot with more than one wife? A Polly-Gamist Flighty Bird Humor
Silly Bird Joke: What do you get if you cross a nun & a chicken? A Pecking Order Holy Parrot Humor!

If you clip your parrot's wings, he can't fly but he can still sing. Random operettas yar a fact of the pirate life. Arr!


Birds in Utah, Nevada, and Oregon think this parrot pun is hilarious and gamblers bet you're laughing right now.

    Sometimes a funny high-spirited parrot knows he's going to hell, so he might as well just go for the punch lines and burn one.  

Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8

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