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Funny Parrot Riddles, Humorous Birdie Jokes, Cheep Laugh Memes

Mimi's Birdcage: Funny Parrot Riddles 2
Funny Parrot Jokes to Squawk About, Avian Humor, Clever Bird Riddles to Crow About. Good Birdie!
Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8
Funny Bird Pun: How do you catch a unique parrot? Unique up on him! Uniquely Funny Parrot Joke
Macaw Asks: What happened to the parrot whose feathers were all pointed the wrong way? She was tickled to death. Ticklish Parrot Humor
Quaker Parrot Asks: Why is it so easy for parrots to talk? Because talk is cheep! Cheep Parrot Laughs

One-of-a-kind parrot jokes sneak up on you sometimes, but we suspect you saw this punch line coming.

    Funny parrot knows how to wing a clever punch line to make this joke par-tick-ularly killer comedy!     Talking birds use B-Mobile for bargain cell service. Low rent parrot talk isn't for everybody, so watch your mouth. No parrot said that, ever!  

Smart Bird Riddle: Where does a parrot learn to speak properly? Polytechnic Parrot Grammar Counts!
Clever Parrot Asks: How can you tell if a parrot is smart? He uses Polly-syllabic words Clever Parrot Humor
Little Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite soda pop? Polly Carbonate Fizzy Parrot Riddle

Parrots try to beak very careful to speak properly, but then the dog starts to bark? What the cluck?


Talking comedian birds do try to befuddle folks with big words and phrases we've never heard before, and likely will never hear again...

    Comedian parrot has funny punch lines bottled up inside him! If thermoplastic parrot jokes are not your cup of tea, pop on over the our next funny bird joke...  

Smart Parrot Asks: What kind of parrots do chemists prefer? Polly Chlorides Formula for Parrot Comedy
Cockatiel Asks: Why did the parrot get a ticket? He broke the law of gravity. Barely Legal Parrot Laughs
Funny Macaw Asks: Why did the parrot carry an umbrella? So he wouldn't become Polly-Saturated Rainy Day Parrot Riddle

Mad scientist polly has his ion you! Comedian bird knows the formula for avian humor and cooks up funny parrot jokes in threes.


Criminally funny parrot riddle defies physics as we know it, or does it? Scientists report missing gravity in parts of Canada. Did polly take it?

    Blue Polly got the feather forecast right, it does feel like rain, guy! Precipitous parrot humor comes with steep laughs and gutter groans.  

Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8

Wait... There's Funny Squawk Over Here, Too!

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