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Funny dog and parrot pals like a Howling Good Time, funny feathered jokes, humorous birdies, cheep bird laughter and parrot riddles.

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Funny Parrot Riddles, Humorous Birdie Jokes, Cheep Laugh Memes

Mimi's Birdcage: Funny Parrot Riddles 3
Funny Parrot Jokes to Squawk About, Avian Humor, Clever Bird Riddles to Crow About. Good Birdie!
Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8
Playful Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite game? Hide 'N Speak! Parrots Love Funny Games
Parrot Humor: What is the definition of parity? Two parrots that are exactly the same Same Old Parrot Joke...
African Grey Parrot Asks: What shape is your bird in if he is missing? Polygon Bye Bye Birdie?

Peek-A-Boo! Funny birdies don't quite get this gamy pun; parrots only want you to find them, as much as that may stink!

    A pair of parrots is happy as long as you pay them the same, or at least the value of a quantum number that corresponds. You can thank Polytechnic for wise-mouth birdies.     Parrot comedians find plane figures interesting and sometimes briefly wing it to explore the punch lines further.  

Little Parrot Asks: What do you call a parrot with dyslexia? A Polybrid Funny Bird Spells Laughter
Playful Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite game? Monopoly Parrots Like Playing Games
Parrot Riddle: What do you get if you cross a cat with a parrot? A Carrot! Hybrid Birdie Humor

Comedian parrot goes through spells of funny jokes, apparently most often in threes.


Funny titan parrots want a monopoly on crackers, seeds, chop and humorous talking bird jokes, and that's not just game.

    Eye hear you, Polly! Orange you glad you found a pet that'll scratch your ear off?  

Funny Parrot Asks: What did the parrot say when he saw a duck? Polly wants a quacker! Polly IS a Cracker!
Parrot Riddle: What do you call a parrot right after his bath? Polly Saturated! Clean Parrot Humor
Pet Bird Joke: When is the best time to buy budgies? When they're going cheap! Cheep Budgie Laughs

Comedian parrot likes to quack a good joke and he likes Duck Dynasty and other fine-feathered southerners, too.


Parrots don't like seedy humor or jokes that stink. Polly knows wet feathers smell just as bad as a wet dog does.

    Wikipedia says Budgie are a Welsh hardrock band from Cardif. Can you imagine them going Cheep? But, it's always a good time to play with your budgerigar.  

Squawking Funny Parrot Riddles • 12345 67 8

Wait... There's Funny Squawk Over Here, Too!

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