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Comedian dog and funny feathered pals like a Howling Good Time, talking bird word play, painful Polly puns, hilarious parrot chemistry riddles, poly parrot jokes, and polynomial birdie humor to screech about.

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Parrot Asks: What did the snooty parrot say? Polly wants a Ritz Cracker


Funny Polly Jokes, Funny Parrot Word Play, Poly Parrot Pun Memes

Mimi's Birdhouse: Painful Polly Puns 6
Talking Bird Word Play, Funny Polly Jokes, Painful Parrot Puns to Screech About. Good Birdie!
Parrot Riddles & Bird Jokes 12345 6 78910
Little Parrot Asks: What do you call a parrot with dyslexia? A Polybrid Funny Bird Spells Laughter
Funny Parrot Asks: What test does a criminal parrot hate? A Polygraph Arresting Parrot Riddle
African Grey Parrot Asks: What shape is your bird in if he is missing? Polygon Bye Bye Birdie?

Comedian parrot goes through spells of funny jokes, apparently most often in threes.

    Talking birds don't lie! Funny parrots only report the news; they don't make it up. Being a parrot is not a crime, but sometimes they do steal your heart!     Parrot comedians find plane figures interesting and sometimes briefly wing it to explore the punch lines further.  

Little Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite soda pop? Polly Carbonate Fizzy Parrot Riddle
Funny Parrot Pun: What do you call a plastic parrot? Polly Vinyl Real Funny Birdie
Parrot Riddle: What do you call a parrot right after his bath? Polly Saturated! Clean Parrot Humor

Comedian parrot has funny punch lines bottled up inside him! If thermoplastic parrot jokes are not your cup of tea, pop on over the our next funny bird joke...


Parrots never opt for plastic surgery because Pretty Bird knows why you call her that. Although, PVC pipes do make fun birdie perches and bongs.

    Parrots don't like seedy humor or jokes that stink. Polly knows wet feathers smell just as bad as a wet dog does.  

Smart Bird Riddle: Where does a parrot learn to speak properly? Polytechnic Parrot Grammar Counts!
Parrot Humor: What does a parrot drink at parties? Polyalcohol! Parrot Party Jokes
Funny Macaw Asks: Why did the parrot carry an umbrella? So he wouldn't become Polly-Saturated Rainy Day Parrot Riddle

Parrots try to beak very careful to speak properly, but then the dog starts to bark? What the cluck?


Parrots are party animals and enjoy a sweet belt of humor from time to time. If you party with a parrot, consider that they're avid Tweeter posters...

    Blue Polly got the feather forecast right, it does feel like rain, guy! Precipitous parrot humor comes with steep laughs and gutter groans.  

Skinny Parrot Asks: What do you call a parrot who won't eat? Poly-No-Meal Slim Parrot Laughs
Nosy Parrot Asks: What do you get if you cross a parrot and a centipede? A Polypod Parrots Make Funny Stuff Up
Smart Bird Humor: What is a parrot's favorite novel? Pollyanna Clever Bird Jokes

Smart parrot jokes contain terms with variables that add up to powerful comedy.


Angry bird comic jokes that you get a hundred laughs flying at you while you're trying to move and put some stuff in storage. Polypod.

    Parrots already know the punch lines because they are well-versed comedians.  

More Parrot Riddles & Bird Jokes 12345 6 78910

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Funny Dog RiddlesCandid Cat AnswersBird JokesHappy Birthday, Human!

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