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ArF-ing Funny Dog Riddles, Corny Canine Comedy, Doggie Q&A Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Funny Dog Riddles 8
Funny Dog Jokes to Yap About, Canine Humor, Smart Dog Riddles to Drool Over. Good Dog!
Woofing Funny Dog Riddles 12345 678 91011
Dog Joke: What breed of dog chases anything red? A Bull Dog Colorful Dog Breed Humor
Sci-Fi Dog Joke: Why did the dog watch Star Trek? He wanted to GO where no one has bone before! Dogs Dig Bones McCoy
Silly Dog Riddle: Why does a dog wag his tail? Because nobody else can do it for him! Tail-Wagging Funny Riddle

Now we know why the bulldog was named Ole! Dalmatians, newspapers, and nuns are all relieved this joke wasn't about them.

    Canine comedians of the future will still think this sci-fi dog joke apee-ling wherever they transport.     Facetious jokes are the specialty of funny dog comedians, so never trust a strange dog wagging a tale at you.  

Dog Breed Joke: What kind of dog sniffs out new flowers? A Bud Hound! Colorado Bud Hound Humor
What breed of dog laughs at any joke? A chi-Ha-Ha Dog Joke to Get a Risa You
Dog Breed Joke: What do you call a nutty dog in Australia? A Dingo-Ling! Down Unda Dog Jokes

Colorado Bud Hounds also moonlight in airport baggage security and like to create crop circles in their spare time.


A funny dog breed that always makes you laugh, in any language including dog speak.

    This dog joke is a real acel and a fantastic bonzer especially arvo the bodgy ones that follow. Oh, bull dust! And that's the dinkum. G'day.  

Dog Joke: How did bulldogs get their flat noses? Chasing parked cars! Bulldogs Face Humor
Dog Riddle: What do you get if you cross a yellow dog with a smart phone? A Golden Receiver Talk Jokes to Talk About
Corny Dog Riddle: What is black & white and red all over? A Dalmatian with a sunburn! Dog Riddles That Burn!

Dog jokes that make you turn your nose up are a real snore, but car chases are in every good action film.


The dog thought this was a joke about take-out food, but the cat ordered online.

    This was an embarrassing dog joke in your grandmother's day, but nowadays it's SPF 15 on a scale of 1 to 10.  

More Woofing Funny Dog Riddles 12345 678 91011

Wait... It Sniffs Funny Over Here, Too!

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