Pug Dressed as a Bee: Happy Bee-Day Buttercup!  
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ArF-ing Funny Pug Tells Bee Riddles, Bee Wildering Comedy, Pug Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Funny Pug Bee Jokes 6
Funny Pug Wearing Bee Costume Tells Stinging Bee Riddles You'll Buzz About. Good Dog!
Pug Bee Funny Riddles 12345 6
Pug Wearing Bee Costume: What goes zzub zubb? A bee flying backward! Zzub Means LOL in Pug Speak
Pug in Bee Costume Riddle: What do you get if you cross a bee & a race dog? A Greyhound Buzz! Bee-Witching Pug Riddle
Pug in Bee Costume Says: Surprise! I haven't forgotten your B-Day! Happy Bee-Lated Birthday! Pug Never Bee Late

Pugs often use reverse psychology on their humans to get what they want. Bee patient with them because all dogs do that...

    Bee-ware: Please do not try this one at home! You could end up lapping your way to an aisle seat.      Hey Honey, sorry the pug was slow this year. Happy Bee-Lated Birthday!  

Pug Dressed Like a Bee Riddle: What kind of bee is a sore loser? A Cry Bay-Bee! Whiny Pug Bee a Joker
Pug Dressed Like a Bee Asks: What is a bee's favorite disco band? The Bee Gees! Pugs Bee Staying Alive
Pug Dressed Like a Bee Asks: Who is a bee's favorite classical composer? Bee-Thoven! Melodious Bee Humor

Happy-go-lucky pug bee-lieves one should not bee-moan a bad situation.


Pug Bee also likes the song Bee-Witchy Woman because she's a restless spirit on an endless flight... Pug thinks it's hilarious when she can get a moldy oldie stuck in your brain.

    Flight of the Bumblebees is a pug's favorite song, even though they particularly enjoy the trom-bone!  

Pug Wearing Bee Outfit: What did the good bee say to Santa? Ho Hum Hum Pug Beehive All Year
Pug Wearing Bee Costume Asks: What kind of bees are the smartest? Spelling Bees! Funny Pug Bee Smart!
Pug Dressed in Bee Costume Asks: What kind of bee is hard to understand? A Mumble Bee! Bee-Guiling Pug Meme

Ho Hum Hum is more like the sound of a pug snoring, but that will bee good enough for Santa.


Pug is smart, therefore she exclusively tells bee jokes with stinging punch lines that really smart. Ouch!


A joke from Pug on the Street:

Q. What do you call a homeless insect? A. A bum-blebee.


Pug Bee Funny Riddles 12345 6

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