Pug Dressed Like a Bee Asks: How do bees style their hair? With a honeycomb!  
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ArF-ing Funny Pug Tells Bee Riddles, Bee Wildering Comedy, Pug Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Funny Pug Bee Jokes 5
Funny Pug Wearing Bee Costume Tells Stinging Bee Riddles You'll Buzz About. Good Dog!
Pug Bee Funny Riddles 12345 6
Pug Dressed as a Bee Asks: What is a wasp? A Wanna-Bee! Pugs Wanna-Bee Funny!
Pug in Bee Costume Asks: What do you call a bee who defends the hive from a wasp attack? Not too shab bee! Pug Bee Brave
PUg Wearing Bee Outfit Asks: What do you get if you cross a horse and a bee? Neigh Buzz Bee is Not a Horsefly

Pug Bee Funny: What should you do for a sick wasp? You take her to the wasp-ital.

    Good Dog! But, our queen pug hero did have a little help from the SWAT team along with bee-team players.     To a pug, every day is a bee-utiful day in the neighborhood, and she's not horsing around!  

Pug Dressed Like a Bee Asks: What is a bee's favorite sport? Rug-bee! Sporting Pug Bee Humorful
Pug in Bee Costume: What do bees do if they want to use public transportation? Wait at a buzz stop! Pug Ain't Mis-Bee-Having
Pug in Bee Costume Asks: What did the queen bee say to her naughty daughter? Beehive yourself! Pugs Never Bee Naughty

Playful pugs like sports, but they bee-moan the possibility of injury during a rug-bee match.


Smart Pug doesn't wait around for a ride. She takes the Bee-Line instead!


Pug Momma just doesn't want to see her offspring Bee-smirched.

BTW: Bees don't like wet dirt because they're not mud puppies.


Pug Wearing Bee Costume Asks: How do you seduce a bee? With a succu-buzz! Bee-Dazzling Pug Humor
Pug in Bee Outfit Asks: Why did a bee start reciting poetry? He was waxing lyrical! Poetic Pug Bee Humor
Pug Wearing Bee Costume Riddle: What do you call a bee that prefers nectar to pollen? Snob Bee! Pollen Makes Pugs Sneeze

This joke scared the bee-jeezus out of the pug! Now we know what her recent nightmares were about...


This joke rates a 10 on the pug bee funny meter. In fact, it's ex-dactyl-ly the reverse of an anapest.

    Discriminating pugs prefer bee-utiful puns. But they also like sweet jokes and cookies!  

Pug Bee Funny Riddles 12345 6

Wait... There's a Funny Hive Over Here, Too!

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