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ArF-ing Funny Dog Breed Jokes & Pure Bred Canine Comedy Memes

Mimi's Pedigree: Dog Breed Jokes 4
Funny Dog Jokes to Howl About, Hybrid Humor, Smart Dog Riddles to Eat Up, Good Dog!
Woofing Funny Dog Breed Jokes • 12345 6
Dog Joke: Which dog breed is best for sending telegrams? Wire Haired Terrier! Retro Low Tech Dog Joke
Dog Breed Joke: What do you call a dog magician? Labra Cadabra Dor! Magically Funny Dog Joke
Dog Breed Humor: A dad got a Dachshund for his 6 kids so they could all pet her at once! Long Doggie Laughs

Telegrams may be passe, but this dog breed would be great for wiring money as needed.

    Dogs know how to do amazing tricks and make magic happen every day for their lucky humans.     Hot Diggity Dogs are real pet weiners that kids always relish. You mustard that dog pun before.  

Dog Breed Joke: What kind of dog can use the phone? A Dial-Matian! Dog Jokes to Talk About
Dog  Joke: Q. Which dog breed loves to take bubble baths? A. A Sham-Poodle! Rinse and Repeat Dog Joke
What breed of dog laughs at any joke? A chi-Ha-Ha Dog Joke to Get a Risa You

Humans who own a Golden Receiver and a Dial-Matian might need a family cell phone plan with unlimited data.


The perfect dog breed for those who like clean dog humor, soapy jokes, and bubbly canine laughter.

    A funny dog breed that always makes you laugh, in any language including dog speak.  

Dog Breed Joke: What kind of dog sniffs out new flowers? A Bud Hound! Colorado Bud Hound Humor
Malamute Dog Wearing Witch Costume Asks: What do you get if you cross a dog with a cruciferous veggie? A Jack Brussel Terrier! Healthy Dog Bites
Corny Dog Riddle: What is black & white and red all over? A Dalmatian with a sunburn! Dog Memes That Hurt!

Colorado Bud Hounds also moonlight in airport baggage security and like to create crop circles in their spare time.


Yikes! A stinking funny mixed dog breed. Going green with a bonus of dog farts, and the Jolly Green Giant's favorite veggie blend.

    This was an embarrassing dog joke in your grandmother's day, but nowadays it's SPF 15 on a scale of 1 to 10.  

More Tail-Wagging Funny Dog Breed Jokes • 12345 6

Wait... It Sniffs Funny Over Here, Too!

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