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Purr-dy Funny Cats Dissing Dogs Humor & Superior Cat Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Cat vs Dog Jokes 2
Funny Cats Tell Jokes About Dogs, Purr-Plexing Feline vs Canine Quips, Catty Humor. Pretty Kitty!
Funny Cats vs Dogs Jokes 12
Humorous Cat Wisdom: Every dog has his day, but the nights belong to cool cats! Dog Days Are Over At Night
Black Cat Says: Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you. Catty Receptionist Joke
Snooty Cat Humor: Cats are always more sarcastic than dogs! Hiss-Toric Cat vs Dog Fact

Some cats like dark humor more than others, but they're all purr-fectly capable of dissing doggies day or night. Meow.

    Since dogs have collar ID, you know they know how to use a phone. Cats get the message and run with it. Where is the question.     No! Cats are more Sar-Cats-Tic than dogs! Dogs never make flippant comments because they paws before reacting and they like birds.  

Fat Cat Knows: Cats are roommates. Dogs are kids. Living with Cats & Dogs Quip
Pet Fun Facts: What currency do cats and dogs use? Kitty cash and doggie dollars Rich Cat vs Dog Humor
Laughing Cat Says: Cats are companions. Dogs are slaves! Cat Gives Dog A Dish of...

Can we assume cats need a lease and dogs need a leash? Just kitten...


Poor cats spend all their time sleeping. Rich dogs cash in on human companionship!

    Black labs are particularly offended by this petty catty joke, but bitches in general abhor mean-spirited cat vs dog humor. Meow!  

Corny Dog Riddle: What's worst than raining cats & dogs? Hailing taxis Street Dog Enigma
Cold Cat Humor: Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through the snow! Cats Are Along for the Ride
Dog Joke: Why does a dog need a license, but not a cat? Because cats can't drive! City Canine Conundrum

Weather or not this old dog riddle is corny is not the point. Uber get ready to be driven wild with laughs.


Cats actually might be smarter than dogs be-claws they invented the Sno-Cat. But dogs invented the Zamboni. It's a draw...

    Good dogs obey the rules of the road, but some teenage cats can drive you crazy.  

Cat Truths: A dog is a canine, but a cat is a purr-son! Canine vs Feline Joke
Fang Cat Asks: What's it called if a cat wins a dog show? A Cat-Has-Trophy! Winning Cat Puns
Dog Joke: It's raining cats & dogs right now! That's OK - as long as it doesn't rein deer! Warm Christmas Dog Humor

Dogs dig a bone, but funny cats are always feline fine. Thank you, catnip!


Cat-ass-trophic Cat wins big laughs again! Dogs show no malice about the me-owt-come, but vow to score blue ribbon laughs next year.

    Dogs are big kids, so they prefer snow on Christmas. But rain is arf better than hail, as long as it doesn't rein deer. Merry Christmas from your dog!  

More Funny Cats vs Dogs Jokes 12

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