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Laughing Cat Tells a Joke: What's worse than raining cats & dogs? Hailing Taxis!


Mewy Funny Cat Riddles, Kitty Questions, Catty Answers Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Funny Cat Riddles 14
Funny Cats Jokes to Mew About, Feline Humor, Wise Kitty Riddles to Hiss Over. Meow!
A-Mewsing Cat Riddles 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14
Laughing Cat Asks: What is a catalyst? An alphabetical list of felines! Catty Chemistry Joke
Fat Cat Riddle: Q. What does a cat like for breakfast? A. Mice Krispies Yummy Cat Riddle
Cat Riddle: What do you call a cat that can put together furniture from Ikea? An Assembly Kit Handy Dandy Cat Humor

Funny cat comedian knows the formula for feline laughs and always gets a reaction from the crowd.

    Finicky cats agree that this tasty cat joke is mice and funny. Statistics show cats that eat, live longer than those who don't.     When your cat is handier than your man, you know you're in trouble. Maybe this explains Cat Ladies?  

Cute Cat Riddle: What do you call a pile of kittens? A Meow-Tain! Heap of Fun Kitten Joke
Pirate Cat Humor: What do you call Blackbeard with a cat on his shoulder? A Purr-ate, Yar! Matey Funny Cat Riddle
Mug Shot Cat Joke: What do you call a cat who was caught by the police? A Purr-Petrator Guilty Cat Mug Shot Joke

A kit and kaboodle of furry funny cat jokes are just piling up here.


High seas cat jokes yar purr-ty hilarious, or they make you sick!

    Another feline-y crime solved! Gonna have to put your cat under house arrest, madam.  

Tiny Kitteh Asks: Why is this cat so small? Because she only eats condensed milk. Just a Little Kitten Around
Laughing Cat Asks: Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives? Rad Cat Question
Little Cat Joke: Wanna hear a bad cat joke? Oh, I'm just kitten... Little Kitten Question

This funny diminutive kitty joke isn't small on laughs for mew!


Another curious cat question... Was this outcome first posed by Marie Curie's cat?

    Classic catty comedy wouldn't be complete without a little kitten around.  

Xmas Cat Joke: What do you call a cat on the beach at Christmas time? Sandy Claws Christmas Cat Riddle
Cat Truths: What do you call a cat that digs in sand? Sandy Claws Holiday Cat Humor
Christmas Cat Joke: What do you get if you cross St. Nick and a cat? Santa Claws North Pole Cat Riddle

Cats named Sandy dig funny Christmas riddles be-claws they're in the holiday mewd.


Cats named Sandy usually avoid the beach during the holidays due to all these old jokes.

    Santa's little helper scratched out another funny holiday riddle. Ain't he a saint!  

More Catty Quandries 12345 6 7 89101112 13 14

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