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Funny Kitty Commentary, Cat Musings and A-Mewsing Feline Memes

Mimi's Cathouse: Catty Commentary Jokes 6
Funny Cats Mewsing, Catty Jokes, Humorous Kitty Commentary, Feline Quips. Meow!
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Black Cat Says: Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you. Catty Receptionist Joke
Feline Humor: A cat is an animal who never cries over spilled milk! Cat Humor is Never Cliché
Kitten Says: A cat's purr is the most effective medicine known to man Healthy Cat Laughs

Since dogs have collar ID, you know they know how to use a phone. Cats get the message and run with it. Where is the question.

    How can you tell if a cat is crying or merely singing the song of his people? Truth is, they're probably the one who spilled the milk in the first place.     Some cats are real pills and other kittehs enjoy sick humor. But most kitties just want you to be feline fine.  

Dignified Cat Comments: A cat is much easier to train than a man! Cat Training Tips?
Repetitive Cat Humor: I think I have OCD? Obsessive Cat Disorder Cat Lady Malady Named
Humorous Cat Wisdom: Every dog has his day, but the nights belong to cool cats! Dog Days Are Over At Night

Cats like to engineer a good joke that sends you off the rails, and they clean up after themselves. Meow!


OCD sums up cat hoarding pretty well, and it's quite ironic that lady is part of malady!

    Some cats like dark humor more than others, but they're all purr-fectly capable of dissing doggies day or night. Meow.  

Humorous Cat Conundrum: Meow long can a cat meow until you feed him? Fur Ever! Meow-y Funny Cat Riddle
Laughing Cat Asks: Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives? Rad Cat Question
Creepy Black Cat Asks: What do you get if you cross an alley cat with a chick? A Peeping Tom Insightful Cat Musing

Hypothetical cat questions are not easy to answer, but this funny riddle can be solved using a magic ring. (The can opener ring.)


Another curious cat question... Was this outcome first posed by Marie Curie's cat?

    Cats are peep-le animals! Tom Kats are meow-valous chick magnets, but some kitties just give them the bird.  

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