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Mug Shot Cat Joke: What do you call a cat who was caught by the police? A Purr-Petrator


Funny Animals Riddles & Hilarious Pet FAQs. Dog, Cat, Bird Memes

Mimi's Doghouse: Animal Riddles 2
Funny Pet Jokes to Yap About, Hilarious Animal Riddles, Cat FAQs, Dog Answers, Cheep Laughs!
Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314

Dog Joke: Q. How does a sled dog make antifreeze? A. He takes her blanket away! Ice Cold Snow Dog Humor
Mug Shot Cat: Q. What do you call a cat with a roll of toilet paper? A. A Cat-Ass-Trophe abutt to happen Curious Cat Humor
Romantic Parrot Asks: What is a parrot's favorite song? I Love Parrots in the Springtime! Musical Parrot Riddle

Sled dogs tell wooly jokes that make your eyes glaze over. But, huskies will say Uncle, if you give them a cookie.

    Infamous Catapuss arrested again! This has to be the record for felonious feline activity in the area.     Funny parrots also enjoy drizzles, sizzles and frankly anything else the feather forecast belts out in any moment.  

Dog Joke: How are a dog and a marine biologist alike? One wags a tail and the other tags a whale. Sea Dog Riddle
Clever Parrot Asks: How can you tell if a parrot is smart? He uses Polly-syllabic words Clever Parrot Humor
Pug in Bee Costume: What did one bee say to another during a heat wave? Swarm in here, isn't it! Pug Comedian on a Hot Streak

Dog comedian spouts seas of corny canine tales, setting off waves of laughter.


Talking comedian birds do try to befuddle folks with big words and phrases we've never heard before, and likely will never hear again...

    Hot pug humor is bee-fitting the dog days of summer, and any time of the year.  

Manly Cat Humor: What do you call a cat that can rough it in the great outdoors? A Survival Kit Wildly Funny Cat Riddles
Pretty Bird Asks: What is a parrot's favorite color scheme? Polychrome Colorful Parrot Comedy
Dog Joke: How do fleas travel from place to place: They itch hike! Dog Riddles to Flee?

Wild cat humor is a real roar, but all we have is tame felines lion and maybe some kitty corn...


Parrots love to tell colorful jokes, but off-color phrases should only be taught to pirate birds, matey. Yar!

    Dog comedian is itching for a laugh, but why couldn't scratch up a better riddle than this one?  

Parrot Riddle: What do you name an optimistic parrot? Pollyanna Naming Rights to Polly
Smart Cat Riddle: What is the difference between a cat and a comma? A cat has claws at the ends of its paws, but a comma has a pause at the end of its clause. Litter-ate Cat Comedy
Pug Dressed Like a Bee Riddle: What kind of bee is a sore loser? A Cry Bay-Bee! Whiny Pug Bee a Joker

Happy parrot knows her name, is highly principled in positive thinking, and only tells funny uplifting jokes.


Actually, it's even funnier that cats already knew that be-claws they so comma-nly paws for applause, when the punch line ends it all.

    Happy-go-lucky pug bee-lieves one should not bee-moan a bad situation.  

Funny Animal Riddles 12345 67891011121314
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